Hunter Lidstone

Designer, Developer and Editor

About Me

I am currently an Interactive Media Design student at Algonquin College. I have a strong knowledge of a variety of media, such as web, photography, video and motion graphics. I specialize in motion graphics, and I enjoy filming and photography.

I am versatile and very skilled with handling any type job. I am able to communicate ideas and work well with a team to accomplish a goal, and I am also able to work independently to produce aesthetically pleasing products. I am experienced with a variety of media design tools, such as the Adobe suite.

I have worked in a variety of different situations and developed a versatile skill set that allows me to accomplish any task that is required of me. I have developed excellent communications skills to help me work with a variety of people and to communicate ideas and designs to others. I am extremely skills with computers and I have a large knowledge of code and programming, as proved by my time at Wind River systems where I worked on the VX works operating system which is used in a variety of machinery, including the Mars rover, Curiosity.